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Raying Mould Co.,LTD 
Address: New Village, Xin an Community, Chang an Town, 

Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Province, China

Telephone: +86-755-28913940

Email:  sales@raying-mould.com
Skype:  raying-mould88

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-  FAQ  -

Below is a list of answers to most frequently asked questions about Raying Mould.

Q1:  How Many Machines do you have?

A1:  We have 16 Sets CNC,  Including 1 Gantry CNC with Machining Stroke 3000 * 

       13 Sets EDM, Including Mirror EDM Sodick with Tolearance +/-0.02mm.
       16 Sets W/C Machining, Including 8 Sets Slow Speed W/C Machining, On Site 16 

Injection Machine from 120Ton to 450 Tons. 

Q2: Whats your capacity?
A2:  Our Monthly Capacity is 30~40 Sets Molds on average.

Q3: Whats your lead time of Manufacturing 1 mold?
A3: Mold Size Lead Time
      <500mm 3-4 weeks
      500-800mm 4-7 weeks
      800-1200mm 7-9 weeks
      1200-1500mm 9-12 weeks

Q4:  Whats your payment Terms?
A4:  Mould Payment: T/T,  40% Deposit with P.O, 30% When 1st Trial, 30%  after 

approval and before mould shipping.
       Part Payment: T/T,  50% Deposit with P.O, 50% Afterapproval and before Shipment.

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