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-  Corporate Culture   -


Honesty is our foundation of mission,also the foundation of morality.
Honesty is that The promise we made to customer must be fulfilled.
Honesty is that The process discipline is strictly abide with meticulous.

Honesty is that the simple things be repeated made many times.
To be an honest man, to do a good faith.
We have a honest heart. 


The wisdom of the individual is limited.
The wisdom of the team are endless.
Fusion is the mind, strive to attract talents to join the team in all its aspects.
Everyone helping each other, raise, mutual promotion and common development.
Fusion is like connecting all parts of our body torso.


Science is the habit of rigorous thinking, pay attention to system, method, data and logic.
What are your goals?How many difficulties and problems, and what is the solution?Find solutions, to plan, implement and execute after analysis of the inspection and adjustment, this is our scientific working methods.
A method and a systematic and standardized process to implement.
We based on facts, speak in the data.
The science comes from the practice, also must return to practice.
We use science to arm our minds.

Efficiency is the purpose of honesty, fusion, scientific, honest, integration, science is the premise of efficiency.
Efficiency is to eliminate all waste, waste of nowhere to hide.
Efficiency is not accept bad product, dont make bad product, do not pass non-conforming. 
Efficiency is brainstorming, action immediately!
Efficiency is doing the right thing, and doing things right!
Efficiency is our arms and legs.

Innovation is to others without thought, made the others not.
Innovation is to stand on the shoulders of giants, the giant is the customer, is we work of upstream and downstream partners.
Innovation is the perseverance, tenacity and grasped the nettle and constancy of strong will.
Is proactive, and constantly challenge their own attitude towards life.
Let the innovation to become part of our daily work, make innovation our pleasure!
Innovation is our body flowing blood!

Honesty, science, efficiency, innovation, fusion
Is our wings and fly wings,
Is our one of the sails of the sea,
Are our missions in battlefield!


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